Authorities Launch Major Drug Raids Across Victoria

Officers and Deputies from several Crossroads Law Enforcement Agencies coordinated a major drug raid on several Victoria businesses and homes Friday.

The raid stemmed across four locations.

Law Enforcement says it involved an organization with Transnational ties.

Authorities are expecting that the10 arrests made on Friday will have a significant impact on crime not only in Victoria, but through Houston and other metro areas.

State and local agencies are investigating the One Stop Tire Shop on the 1300 block of North Laurent.

This is one of the four locations raided simultaneously on Friday afternoon. The other locations are located at 3509 Houston Highway, 3001 Circle Drive, 407 West Convent.

Chief Deputy Roy Boyd says the criminal organization is in relation to a Mexican cartel.

Boyd says authorities have enough evidence to pursue criminal cases.

Over four pounds of cocaine, $50,000 in currency, ten vehicles, and 400 tires have been seized so far.

The investigation will continue but there is much left to do.

“We have made some arrests, and this operation has netted us some drugs that this organization was selling to members of our community, and we’re bound and determined to get them off the streets and get this organization out of our town,” said Boyd.

Authorities have seized their bank accounts and will use the proceeds to conduct more drug operations.