Pompeo declines to defend diplomats attacked by Trump

In his first briefing since the start of public hearings in the House impeachment inquiry, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to defend State Department officials who have been attacked by President Donald Trump.

Pompeo downplays impeachment inquiry

Just hours before two State Department officials become the first public witnesses in the House impeachment probe, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday dismissed that inquiry as "noise" and did not knock down a suggestion that it could be harmful to US foreign policy.

Ambassador Bill Taylor reaffirms US support for Ukraine

Ahead of his public appearance before the impeachment probe into President Donald Trump, Ambassador Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine, penned an op-ed in a Ukrainian news magazine this week emphasizing the United States' "committed partnership and support" to the country.

Another career diplomat testifies in Ukraine scandal

A career diplomat who said he was told to "keep (his) head down" after being attacked by the President's personal lawyer will become one of the first people to testify in public as part of the House impeachment inquiry.

Meet the ambassador at the center of the Ukraine scandal

Ambassador Marie "Masha" Yovanovitch -- "someone who has never been hungry for the spotlight," as one former State Department official described her -- has increasingly found herself there as new developments in the Ukraine controversy have come to light.

Pompeo vows to follow law on impeachment inquiry

The day after the Trump administration blocked a diplomat from attending his scheduled deposition, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said his department and the White House would fulfill their legal and constitutional requirements in the House impeachment inquiry.

Top diplomat texted it would be 'crazy' to withhold Ukraine aid

The top US diplomat in Ukraine expressed serious misgivings about foreign policy moves being tied to political motives, calling a potential quid pro quo over military assistance to Ukraine "crazy" and suggested he would quit if that assistance was not released, according to text messages re

US to exchange ambassadors with Belarus

The United States is prepared to exchange ambassadors with Belarus, a top-ranking State Department official announced Tuesday -- a significant step in thawing relations between the two countries.