Is Clarence Thomas headed out or just getting started?

Justice Clarence Thomas issued a jaw-dropping opinion earlier this week when he suggested it was time for the Court to revisit a First Amendment precedent that some believe is a crown jewel of the Supreme Court's jurisprudence.

DC court pick faces first step in confirmation battle

The judicial wars will return to Washington on Tuesday as the Senate Judiciary Committee meets to consider Neomi Rao, President Donald Trump's nominee for newest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's now vacant seat on a powerful appellate court in Washington.

Supreme Court could flip abortion access ruling from 2016

In 2016, a closely divided Supreme Court delivered a ringing victory to abortion rights supporters by striking down a Texas abortion access law. Justice Anthony Kennedy, siding with the liberals on the bench, cast the critical 5-3 vote holding that the law constituted an undue burden on a woman's right to seek an abortion.

White House plans to send 50 judicial nominees to new Congress

The White House on Tuesday night announced its intention to renominate 50 judicial nominees, rekindling a battle between Republicans, who hope to capitalize on their record-breaking judicial success from the last Congress, and Democrats, who have lashed out at some of President Donald Trump's more controversial nominees.

DOJ plans to ask Supreme Court to hear census case this term

The Department of Justice, reeling from a district court opinion that blocked the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census, signaled on Tuesday that it plans to ask the Supreme Court to take up the case on an expedited basis and decide the issue definitively by the end of June.

Supreme Court drops 2020 census case

The Supreme Court said on Friday that it will no longer hear a case related to the Trump administration's decision to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census.

Barr sent or discussed controversial memo with Trump lawyers

Attorney General nominee William Barr shared a controversial memo last year with nearly all of President Donald Trump's lawyers concluding that an aspect of special counsel Robert Mueller's case could be "fatally misconceived," Barr acknowledged Monday.

DOJ cites shutdown to ask for delay in Whitaker case

The Justice Department, citing the partial government shutdown, is asking a judge to put on hold a lawsuit brought by three Democratic senators who are challenging President Donald Trump's appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

John Roberts avoids controversy in year-end report

Chief Justice John Roberts steered clear of controversy on Monday in a year-end report that praised the work of judges in general but avoided any direct criticism of President Donald Trump, who has launched several attacks on the judiciary.

Supreme Court to discuss partisan gerrymandering

The Supreme Court is scheduled to return to a deeply divisive issue on Friday when the justices meet behind closed doors to discuss an issue left unresolved last term: when do states go too far in drawing district lines for partisan gain?

Dusky gopher frog suffers setback at Supreme Court

The Supreme Court dealt a setback to the endangered dusky gopher frog on Tuesday, wiping away a lower court opinion that favored protections for the three-inch amphibian and directing the lower courts to take another look at how the Fish and Wildlife Service acted to protect land for the vanishing species.