Author embraces suffering in his new book inspired by “How to Kill a Mockingbird”

Mrs. Dubose's Last Wish: The Art of Embracing Suffering

VICTORIA, Texas –  Thomas Fellows, who currently resides in the Houston area, has published his fourth official book “Mrs. Dubose’s Last Wish: The art of embracing suffering.”

Fellows grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. In his early schooling years, he attended The Westminster Schools before going to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.

“Mrs. Dubose’s Last Wish: The Art of Embracing Suffering” is the fourth book that Fellows has written. He says that his bipolar diagnosis helps enhance his creativity in his writing.

This is what Fellows has to say for his latest book.

“The main thesis of this book, I suppose, is that while 99% of the world tries to avoid suffering, the most successful people and people that will be remembered for generations to come, not only choose to suffer but embrace it fully, often asking for more.   Suffering is not for the faint of heart, but neither is anything that leads to something truly meaningful, ” says Fellows.

Fellows says in our interview that his goal with this book is “to hope that no one ever commits suicide again,”

Fellows decided to donate 100% of the proceed to the National Alliance for Mental Illness for suicide awareness as he struggles with depression.