ATTENTION: Residents of Fayette and Lavaca County use caution

According to Shiner Police Department, multiple vehicle burglaries have occurred lately
Lavaca And Fayette County
Photo contributed by the Shiner Police Department

FAYETTE AND LAVACA COUNTIES, Texas – According to a Facebook post on the Shiner Police Department’s Facebook page, Fayette and Lavaca County residents have recently fallen victim to multiple vehicle burglaries. After officials spoke with multiple agencies, they have noticed a similar pattern.

In all areas, including Shiner, residents have seen a silver or grey Ford Explorer (in pretty rough condition). The SUV is also running with paper plates on the rear of the vehicle. According to witnesses, two black males have been seen driving the vehicle around towns. They have also attempted to sell “Advantage cleaning products” during the day and then possibly burglarizing at night.

A message from the Shiner Police Department:

If you see this vehicle, do not make contact. You should also call your local police department.