Atlas Oil diesel spill investigation and cleanup efforts continue

VICTORIA, Texas -Atlas Oil, the company involved with the diesel spill that occurred on Sunday, shared a statement saying a tank was brought to its Victoria terminal from one of their other facilities to assist with fuel allocation issues due to the winter storm.

They are working diligently with state and federal agencies to mitigate the spread of fuel released.

Rick McBrayer, Coordinator of the Victoria County Office of Emergency Management said they are done with the major vacuuming that was needed and are using absorbent pads to clean up what red diesel remains.

“They also did flushing of the stormwater management system,” McBrayer said. “They also ran samples of the upper stream and also where it was discharging to the levels that TCEQ allows them to be at.”

McBrayer also said there hasn’t been any significant rainfall yet to really test the effectiveness of the berms that have been installed but they’ll be ready to protect the spill from spreading further once rainfall arrives. 

They won’t know how much more work is needed until test results return from collected water samples, McBrayer said.