Athletes Of The Week 4-10

They Are From Victoria Gymagic

Competing at the South Texas State Championships’ Flipping Fiesta, Victoria Gymagic’s trampoline and tumbling team had themselves a weekend. T and T brought home twenty individual state titles, marking five straight seasons the center has won eighteen medals or more at state.

Said Gymagic owner Ashten Linney, ” I think whenever the younger ones grow up in that atmosphere, they don’t know any better. They all rise to that standard, to that expectation.”

Much of that culture comes from years of building team chemistry. Many of their gymnasts have trained and competed together since they were just learning to walk

Said Level 5 gymnast Jordan Slider, “They’ve pointed out some things I’ve done, that I didn’t even know I had wrong. I feel like I’ve improved a lot, and I just feel more comfortable with how I do my flips and all that.”

Said Level 10 gymnast Kylee Morales, “We have a good connection with each other, we’re like good friends. They give me corrections when I need it, and help me when I need it too. It’s really nice to know they have my back and I have theirs.”

For those of you who think this is just as easy as bouncing in your backyard, trampoline and tumbling require require strength, agility, and a whole lot of athleticism. Traits that, as I learned the hard way, I’m sorely lacking. To give me a crash course, I enlisted the help of Level 5 state champ Jordan Slider. But even a private lesson didn’t quite do the trick. After doing my best to stall, I decided to watch him take a pass first. Clearly, I didn’t watch closely enough. After a less-than-graceful initial attempt, I finally began to get the hang of it. Tens all around if you ask me.I’m waiting for my Emmy, they know my address. You can get me. Oh boy, this is entertainment.

But as I learned, for Gymagic’s competition team, T and T provides a chance not only to develop their skills/laugh at local sportscasters, but to travel around the country — and sometimes even beyond.

Said Level 7 gymnast Olive Clay, “I like traveling a lot, so I like just staying in a car for seven hours.”

Said Morales, “People don’t get very many opportunities to go places across the world. If it wasn’t for gymnastics, I wouldn’t have seen a lot of places that I have today”

For Gymagic’s *elite* trampoline and tumbling team, a trip to the World Age Group Games in Tokyo would be the highlight of an already successful 2019. Maybe i’ll make it as a fan. Sean Coffey, Newscenter 25 Sports