Athlete Of The Week: Noah Martinez

Our Athlete Of The Week Is Noah Martinez

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This may look like a lot of weight, but for West senior Noah Martinez, it’s just another day in the gym.

Said Martinez, “I think it’s the mindset that I’ve adapted to over the last summer. Since I got back from state, I’ve been working really hard every day, been in the gym for 2-3 hours.”

Martinez is ranked second in the state in the 165-pound weight class, putting up some serious numbers — a 650 pound squat, 375 pound bench press, and 640 pound deadlift.

Said Warrior powerlifting head coach Brad Smithey, “Man, just the motivation to be great. One of the first things Noah told me when I saw him was ‘I wanna go win state this year’, and his work ethic has shown that.”

A regional qualifier, Martinez now turns his focus to reaching state for the second consecutive year.

“I won’t be as nervous for sure, because last time I went into state and I kind of nervous because there was a lot of people. But now I know what I’m dealing with and I know my competition so I’ll be ready.”

Martinez knows he can hit his numbers — having already eclipsed the qualifying mark in prior lifts this season — and now it’s about the big picture.

“It would mean a lot, because I’ve progressed so much the last year. So to break records, it’s nice. But we really want to get that first place at state.”

Boys powerlifting regionals begin in Weslaco with a weigh-in Friday, and competition Saturday morning. Sean Coffey, Newscenter 25 S