Athlete of the Week: May 24-28

Yoakum Bulldogs Connor Zaruba named Athlete of the Week

VICTORIA,Texas– Our Athlete of the Week this week is Yoakum Bulldogs, Connor Zaruba.

After the Yoakum Bulldogs were down in the quarterfinals series losing game one against Llano, they had to win game two to force a game three for a chance to advance to the semifinals.

The Bulldogs were down in game two of the quarterfinals and had to give in their all if they wanted their playoffs hope to stay alive.

Yoakum finds a way to tie the game in the seventh inning. Bulldogs junior, Connor Zaruba, walks up to the plate with a chance to win the game. Zaruba who also pitches, has a record ERA of 1.12 on the mound for the Bulldogs with a batting average of .387 on the season.

Zaruba pulls through for his team. He walks up to the plate in the last inning with two outs and runners on first and second base, and hits a 3-run walk off home run to take the lead and win the game forcing a game three with Llano in the quarterfinals. Zaruba knows how crucial that win was.

“I was pretty excited, but hoping to win the game, just even more exciting that it went over the fence. Everybody was yelling and jumping and hollering,” said Zaruba.

The team was excited and couldn’t stop jumping once Zaruba hit the ball. Yoakum Bulldogs baseball head coach Karl Saenz said they kept fighting and he knew they had a chance to finish on top and play another game.

“Well as soon as he hit we knew it was gone after that, everybody started jumping up and everything and it was a good time. Connor practices hard everyday. If we came to the top of the lineup, we knew we had a chance and he came through,” said Saenz.

Coach Saenz continued to say that Zaruba is their number one pitcher and they want him on the mound in a big game as he keeps his composure and keeps the Bulldogs in many games.

Zaruba and his teammates enjoyed every second of the winning home run he hit in game two since that’s what they needed to keep them playing in the playoffs.

“It was really important because we got a lot of pitching and once we get to game three we know we could win that,” said Zaruba.

The Yoakum Bulldogs do in fact win game three to win the series and move on to the semifinals. However, they lose game one in the semifinals to bishop 3-2 on Thursday night.

Bulldogs will now play game two on Saturday at Riverside Stadium, followed by a game three if necessary.

Congratulations Connor Zaruba, on being named this weeks Athlete of the Week.