Athlete of the Week: March 15-19

Titans' Joe Aguirre is named Athlete of the Week

VICTORIA,Texas–The Athlete of the Week for the week of March 15-16 is East Titans soccer player, Joe Aguirre.

Aguirre started playing soccer at the age of four. Both his mom and dad played soccer and he says that’s what inspired him. Aguirre has played on the varsity level all four years for the Titans. He has 19 goals and 10 assists on the season. Coach Josh Chaput says that other teams try to stop him from scoring, but Aguirre looks to his teammates to help score goals.

“You know he’s a gamer he’s going to go out there and compete at a high level no matter what the situation is. Whether we’re up or down, he’s going to give a 100%. Gives his teammates a 100% and tries to help his teammates get better and lead us to victory,” said Coach Chaput.

His favorite soccer drill is “game of wings”.  Aguirre plans to play soccer at the next level, next year. He showed me how to kick the ball because I had absolutely no idea what the right form was. After his coaching, I had it down right away and was basically kicking it like a pro. Coming into this season, Aguirre wanted to win district.

“So the whole season I had a goal and that goal was to win district with this team. Ii wanted to have the feeling of winning something big and show the younger class-men that anything is possible,” said Aguirre.

Which they did. On Tuesday night, the Victoria East Titans won the district championship and are heading into playoffs next week with a very good spot.

Congratulations Joe Aguirre on being named this weeks edition of Athlete of the Week.