Athlete Of The Week: Hagen Garvin

Yoakum QB Scores 4 TD's

Our Athlete Of The Week is Hagen Garvin. With their third consecutive trip to the state semifinals, the Yoakum Bulldogs, hardly a stranger to December football. Their latest playoff push, however, spearheaded by a player who wasn’t even in the program two years ago. Quarterback Hagen Garvin, accounting for three touchdowns in the Bulldogs’ latest win over Edna. Garvin says his teammates have made him feel at home since day one. “Just the guys, overall, we’re a family. And as soon as you come in, you’re a part of that family. And I feel like that’s been a real help. And just the work ethic of everybody. I mean, during the summer when I came here they wanted to go out and throw, and catch just so we could get used to each other and that helped a lot.” With 26 graduating seniors in 2017, including nine defensive starters and four Division I recruits, Big Blue, in need of some new leadership entering this season. Now just two wins away from a state title, Garvin says he’s embraced the challenge. “Starting the year, I promise you, if I would’ve told somebody we would be this far they would’ve call me a liar. Losing a bunch of people last year. But it’d just be a dream come true with these guys, and I wouldn’t want to do it with any other coach in the world.”The quarterback’s gridiron roots have only helped his rise. Hagen’s father, Gary Garvin, is a longtime coach who worked with Yoakum head man Bo Robinson in West Texas before becoming the Bulldogs’ linebacker coach in 2016. Robinson, telling me that pedigree has set him up perfectly for this moment. “Well Hagen, he’s a coach’s kid. He’s been around it his whole life, he grew up in the fieldhouse. And usually those kids are going to be savvy. He watched guys model what he’s doing right now to him for the last 15, 16 years. So he was born to do what he’s doing. ” The only thing Garvin says could make his stellar senior season a greater success? Well, that’s fairly obvious. a trophy. Sean Coffey, Newscenter 25 Sports