Athlete of the Week: February 15-19

Victoria East Titans Brandalyn Rice wins the award

VICTORIA,Texas– This week’s athlete of the week is Victoria East senior Brandalyn Rice. Here’s why…

East Titans senior Brandalyn Rice started playing at the varsity level back as a sophomore. She has then improved her game tremendously through hard work, helping her team get to the playoffs. Brandalyn averages 20 points and 10 rebounds a game. She outscored one of their opponents in a playoff game by scoring 33 points when the other team only scored 28, in total.

“My success, I wouldn’t have it without my teammates.They’re the ones who give me the ball and all I have to do is put it in and finish,” said Brandalyn.

Titans head coach Yulonda Wimbish-North says Brandalyn has come a long way since last season as she shown much improvement in just a year.

“Looking at video from last year and looking at video from this year, and what she’s doing, Brandalyn is a much better player than she was a year ago and that’s really a testament of her willingness to learn and to get better,” said Yulonda.

Brandalyn was excited and humble to accept the athlete of the week award.

“Yeah it feels good.That makes me feel very good and it’s motivational,” continued Brandalyn.

The Titans head into the third round of playoffs and Brandalyn hopes they make it all the way to state. Congratulations to Brandalyn, for this weeks edition of athlete of the week.