Athlete of the Week: April 12-16

East Titans Track and Field freshman C'Niaha Randle

VICTORIA,Texas–Our Athlete of the Week is Titans track and field freshman C’Niaha Randle.

Randle won two gold medals on Wednesday at the area regional  in Corpus Christi. She placed first in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.40 seconds and placed first in the 200-meter dash with a personal record of 25.72 seconds. Her personal record so far this season in the 100-meter dash is 11.96 seconds. Randle loves to run the 100 and 200 meters because she enjoys running the curves. A girl of a few words explains why.

“Because it feels like I’m going fast,” says Randle.

Randle started running at a very young age. Her nickname is “Lil Suga” because her family members called her “Sugar” and one day it just stuck.

East Ttitans track and field head coach, Jennifer Gantt sees something special in her freshman.

“She’s got a lot of experience, and she has a lot to bring to the team. So I think if she continues to work and just continues to work and push her goals, sky’s the limit for C’Niaha, I mean she could go as for as she wants to go,” said Gantt.

Randle wants to become a voice actress and she explains the reason why and what she hopes to accomplish.

“Because I saw someone do it and I was like ooh I want to be a smurf. I want to do a smurfs movie,” continued Randle.

Randle’s favorite subject in school is biology since she finds it interesting.

Congratulations to C’Niaha Randle on being named just the second freshman for Athlete of the Week.