BREAKING: 46 people found dead in back of 18-wheeler in San Antonio

16 others taken to local hospitals for heat exhaustions and heat strokes

SAN ANTONIO – A 18-wheeler trailer found near Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio contained bodies of 46 dead people, along with 16 others who have been taken to hospitals.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus says that they received a call Monday evening on June 27, 2022, when a worker near Lackland Air Force Base heard cries for help in an 18-wheeler trailer. When arriving at the trailer, the worker found the door open, and the deceased bodies with people calling for help inside the trailer.

There are 16 other people who were transported to hospitals in San Antonio, 12 adults, and four children, for heat exhaustion and heat strokes.

This is now a federal investigation according to city leaders during a press conference near the scene Monday night.

This is a developing story and will continue to be updated when more information comes.