Asura’s Historical release features Matthew Knowles

Actor Matthew Knowles, the Beijing Film Academy’s first Caucasian American graduate, now in attendance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to receive an MA, is about to star in one of the highest-budgeted films ever to grace Chinese cinema. Estimated to cost over 100 million USD, Asura is expected to land in Chinese cinemas in July 2018. Asura is an epic fantasy based on the Buddhist mythological realm. Titanic battles, romance, and thrilling storytelling all come together in a $100 million budget triumph that the entire world will adore for years to come.

Matthew has forged a new path for himself despite the challenges he has faced in life. As the defensive end for the Clemson Tigers, Matthew was an American-born NFL hopeful from Clemson University. A sudden knee injury put a stopper in Matthew’s dreams for football fame, requiring a total of three surgeries in his senior year.

That didn’t stop the soon-to-be star’s ambitions, however. Once he’d recovered from his injury and graduated, Knowles dedicated two years of his life towards helping others. He traveled to China and volunteered in the impoverished town of Duyun (Ghuizou Province). Whilst there, Matthew taught English to children, assisting in humanitarian projects and events.

During his time in China, Matthew picked up enough conversational Chinese Mandarin to make a life for himself in this new country. He moved to Chengdu and put his talents to work as a model and T.V personality. Rediscovering his love for acting, Matthew stayed on for a few years, flaunting his natural charm and singing talents as a prolific entertainer. However, it seemed as if he was ready to return to America after limited success in dramatic acting in 2013.

Unknown to him at the time, Matthew’s determination and thirst for challenge had paid off. Whilst he was visiting a friend’s family in Washington DC, his belongings still on a boat-ride home, Matthew’s mother messaged him a picture of his acceptance letter to the Beijing Film Academy. Matthew would return to China in order to study acting. In 2014, he became the first non-Asian graduate in the prestigious academy’s history, and opened the door to a flood of new opportunities.

Since then, Matthew has swiftly climbed the ranks as a respected dramatic actor in China. Beloved by his fans as MaiTai (??), Matthew has appeared in an impressive roster of T.V dramas such as Red Sorghum, and Love Me If You Dare. Finally, despite the obstacles he faced, Matthew landed a breakthrough role onto the big screen in 2018’s Asura, slated to be the most expensive Chinese film production in the country’s history.

Knowles’ story is one of personal triumph in the face of adversity, crafting a name for himself in an entirely foreign environment. Hardship gave him a second home and a bright new career, and he stands as an example of how life’s twists and turns can lead us to somewhere entirely new.

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