Ashley Homestore family furniture business celebrates 100 years of operation in the Crossroads

A look at the family business history

VICTORIA, Texas – It’s not often that a company reaches the century mark under the same family while continuing to serve the same communities from the beginning.

That’s exactly what the Stimson/Streiff family accomplished this year with their family-owned furniture store, starting in 1922 and continuing now in 2022.

Ashley Homestore/5th Home Furniture Owner, Paige Streiff, is a fifth-generation member of the family and she walks us through the store history from the beginning.

“So we started in 1922, the first generation was the Marcellus & Daisy Rackley, they started in very small one-room general store in Kenedy, Texas. Supplying poultry, eggs, coffins and furniture all throughout South Texas. In the 1930s, their nephew, which is my great-great-grandfather decided he wanted to sell furniture so they turned it into Rackley Furniture Company,” says Streiff. “When my grandfather returned from the war (WWII), they decided they were going to make it Stimson Furniture to use their last name,”

Streiff talks about how she got into the business after her father took it over in the 1970s.

“My father after he graduated came into the business which is the fourth generation, helped turn Stimson Furniture into Ashley Homestore in 2005. When he retired my husband and I did the business and then in 2010 we bought the Corpus Christ Ashley Homestore then in 2018 opened the 5th and home independent store and that’s where we’re at today.”

Streiff pays homage to her family’s past in their Ashley Furniture Homestore in Victoria by displaying all the old news articles from their humble beginnings when they used to sell chicken eggs before selling couches and beds. She still has the original Rackley Produce Company sign from 1922 hanging in her office.

She even has every key for each of the family stores since the 1940s which in a way symbolizes the keys of opportunity and growth that the family has accomplished in the past 100 years.

Streiff says she plays a small role in making the business last 100 years, it’s all about the ability to change with the times that’s allowed the company to last so long.

“I just play a small part in this 100 years that we’ve been here and I’m extremely proud to say that I’m the fifth generation and that we started in 1922 and now we’re in 2022 is great. We’ve had to make a lot of changes throughout the years but as I said, I feel like that’s just part of our rise to success, it’s our ability to change,” says Streiff.

Not only has the Stimson/Streiff family been able to change with the times, but they’ve also been able to change lives with the “Hope to Dream” program by giving mattresses to children in need.

“We started in 2013, where we give a mattress to kids in our area that need a better night’s sleep… We’ve given out around 600 beds so far but it’s always been in our history and DNA to give back to children’s charities… if it involves kids, you can sign me up,” says Streiff

Although the past 100 years have been an impressive accomplishment, Streiff says to stay tuned for the next 100 years as her children have taken an interest in the family business.

“They’ve shown some interest in what we do on a day to day basis which is exciting but in addition, Ashley always has growth and expansion plans, we’re a growth-minded company and we got some great plans in the near future but what we’re gonna do here in this area to expand our footprint even further, stay tuned,” says Streiff.