Arkansas woman grabs grandchild moments before tree falls into home

BARLING , Ark. — A grandmother grabbed her grandchild just seconds before a tree crashed through their home.

Freeda White was watching the weather on her television before her power went out.

Moments later she received a text from her neighbor saying the storm was close. When she looked out her window, she saw trees bending in the wind.

She says instinct set in and she grabbed her one-year-old granddaughter as quickly as she could. Seconds later a tree came crashing down onto the exact spot the baby had been.

” There’s a little closet that’s in my hallway…. I just kind of shoved her into the closet and put my back against it and just prayed through the whole thing, ” said White.

Family and friends arrived later to help try and pick up the pieces.

Northwest Tree Service went out to the home and helped place a tarp on White’s roof.

Neighbors say other trees fell on the street.