Area river flood warnings

River flood warnings for Victoria and Calhoun Counties

Guadalupe River 5 20

VICTORIA, Texas—The flood warning continues for the Guadalupe River at Victoria until Thursday morning.

At 6:15 tonight the Guadalupe was at 29.7 feet. Flood stage is 21 feet. Major flooding is occurring and major flooding is forecast. The Guadalupe is expected to fall below flood stage in Victoria tomorrow afternoon. At 29.8 feet, water may flood houses at the west end of Convent Street near Victoria Street. The lowest homes in the Greens Addition subdivision, Riverside park, much of the Riverside Golf Course, including the golf cart sheds, and the Texas Zoo will flood.

The flood warning for the Guadalupe near Bloomington is until Friday afternoon. At 7:00 tonight the stage was 27.05 feet.  Flood stage is 20 feet. Major flooding is occurring and major flooding is forecast.  The river crested at 27.09 feet this afternoon. It will then fall below flood stage Friday morning. that also affects Calhoun County.