Another cold night with temperatures near freezing

VICTORIA, Texas – This evening an upper level disturbance will pass overhead and will cause a slight increase in cloud cover but should not affect temperatures. Lows headed for the low 30s. Some areas could make it into the upper 20s. On Tuesday, a mostly sunny sky with highs in the upper 60s but winds are expected to shift out of the south which means a warming trend.

TONIGHT: A mostly clear sky with more clouds possible later tonight. Cold! Low 32. Winds Light and Variable

TOMORROW: Mostly sunny to a partly cloudy sky and cool. High 68. Winds South 10-15 mph

WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy and mild. Low 50. High 76. Winds SW 10 mph

THURSDAY: Partly cloudy, breezy, and cooler. Low 49. High 68. Winds North 15 mph

FRIDAY: Mostly cloudy and cool. Low 37. High 58. Winds NE 10 mph

SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with 30% chance for showers and storms. Low 49. High 75. Winds South 15-20 mph

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 30% chance for showers and storms. Lo 62. High 76. Winds North 15-20 mph

MONDAY: Mostly cloudy with a 20% chance for showers. Low 47. High 58. Winds North 15 mph