Annual food truck fest comes to Victoria this weekend

The annual food truck fest came to Victoria this weekend,
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson has the story. The annual food truck festival brings people from all over the state with different experience levels of serving behind the window of a food truck.
“this actually my first event with this trailer,” says Oscar Pu lido, Food Truck Owner.
Oscar Pulido says he got into food trucks two years ago when he helped his friend with a BBQ trailer. “A good friend of mine helped me out a lot, taught me a lot of things about food trucks and i decided to go out on my own and here we are,” adds Pulido. Pulido sells a unquiet summer beverage.
“I’m actually doing a fruit tea, it’s a fruit infused tea and its just something a little different than you would normally get. Lemonades or anything like that, its just a more refreshing kind of beverage,” explains Pulido. He adds being a food truck owner is challenging task.
“Its got its challenges, its a little stressful, its got a lot of prep, a lot of money you know but its fun and its worth it,” declares Pulido. And if you want to become a food truck owner, here is a little bit of advice.
“Don’t cut corners, just do what you go to do and do it right and follow all the rules and regulations and you shouldn’t have a problem,” exclaims Pulido. Pulido plans to keep serving the community.
“We plan on doing it every weekend an event and if not sitting out somewhere and being available for the public to come see us and enjoy our product,” says Pulido.