Animal Control Releases Policy On Loose Dogs

On Monday Newscenter 25’s David Gibson spoke with a dog educator at the Dorthy O’Connnor pet adoption center about what you should do if one of these dogs attacks your or your pet.

He also talked with a local mother who said she is scared to let her kids out in the front yard because of these dogs.

However, that woman shared with us she has been seeing animal control out more frequently to collect the animals but that raised the question..what is animal control’s policy about the loose animals? when do they step in to act and what is done when the dogs are picked up.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson tells us the answer to those questions.

Loose dogs are becoming a huge problem in Victoria and people want answers as to why they are not being picked up.”I was not so aware of the problem until just lately and im realizing its a terrible problem,” says Linda Woods, Homeowner.

Animal control says the number of loose dogs they deal with varies from day to day but on average they handle about ten per day
“Almost everyday lately i have been noticing there are dogs running around and i came home from work the other day and there was a strange dog in my driveway,” tells Woods.

Woods tells me on Saturday her beloved cat named Tux was attacked by loose dogs while going to the bathroom.
“I heard a terrible noise about five minutes after they went outside and i knew it was just terrible just from the sound,” exclaims Woods.

She adds Tux later died from his injuries
“I thought to myself they have gotten one of my cats and sure enough they did and they got little tux and he was alive for a little while but he didn’t make it past about 15 minutes,” declares Woods.

On Monday when we posted the story on Crossroads Today Facebook about loose dogs and we received comments saying animal control only picks up animals if the bite or threaten a person.

Well animal control says “the dogs do not have to be aggressive for them to pick up.”
but Victorians want them to pick up these dogs.
“They have got to patrol and they have to pick these dogs up,” says Woods.

Animal control tells me a few of their policies or laws regarding the loose dogs.

Animal Control Releases Policy On Loose Dogs

1.It shall be unlawful for an owner of an animal to fail to exercise control over such animal to prevent it from threatening, chasing or attack passing people or animals.
2. it shall be unlawful for an owner of a dog to fail to keep an animal under restraint.

Woods believes neighbors need to look out for neighbors and keep reporting this issue so tragedies like this don’t happen again.
“We have to watch out and call in, i didn’t even call because i been kind of stunned ever since it happened,” recalls Woods. “I need to be more aware of my responsibility for the problem but we all have to work together.”

Losing Tux hurt woods so she wants the whole community to keep calling animal control until this issue is under control.