Angel Lucy’s Funeral home holds shoe pickup

We first introduced you to the Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home on August 5th when they measured students for back to school shoes.well, this weekend the students received those shoes.

Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to check out the event and tells us more.

“We want to be the funeral home that gives back to the community,” tells Cesar Ornelas, Owner. On August 5th, Angel Lucy’s Funeral home teamed up with Academy to measure the students feet for new shoes for school, well this weekend students received their shoes and were excited to sport them to school.
“Its just a great site to see these kids when they receive their shoes and very excited about it and we pray they have a great school year,” adds Nicholas Amaya, General Manager. Owner Cesar Ornelas told me it brought tears to his eyes because seeing these students receive shoes brought back memories.
“Oh its an unbelievable feeling, seeing these kids the joy. Kids taking off running saying i run faster, jump higher with the shoes, they are so grateful. Parents coming up and saying thank you very much because they weren’t able to afford these type of shoes,” declares Ornelas. Angel Lucy was able to serve.
“700 kids and we gave almost 40,000 in tennis shoes today,” says Ornelas. Ornelas wants these students to have a great school year.
“I want them to feel the joy to have a great school year, to have a good pair of shoes, to study hard in school and do the best they can,” tells Ornelas. Ornelas hopes to inspire the next generation to pay it forward.
“I hope that someday they will be able to pass this forward to other generations,” exclaims Ornelas. Angel Lucy’s funeral home wants to thank the community and all the volunteers who made this possible.
“Just like to thank the community and also thank my brothers and sisters for helping us out and doing this,” adds Ornelas. Angel Lucy’s Funeral looks to continue to serve the crossroads area and helping in anyway possible.