Angel Lucy’s Funeral home giving back to Crossroads students

It’s the start of back to school time here in the Crossroads and one organization is helping students in a different way.
Newscenter 25’s David Gibson went to check out the event and tells us more.

The Angel Lucy’s Funeral home is giving back to Crossroads students in a special way.

“This is for the kids that have some need and cant afford really to buy tennis shoes. We go to academy and they come and measure the kids, size them up,” says Cesar Ornelas, Owner. For owner Cesar Ornelas being in need hits close to home.
“Growing up we were less fortunate making ends meet, i was made fun of because one day i went to school without tennis shoes because i didn’t have any,” explains Ornelas. So Ornelas made it a mission to give back to the community when he got older.
“I always promised if i would get to a point in life where I was successful then I would give back as much as i could,” tells Ornelas. Ornelas and his wife Belia say it feels amazing to give back to the community and help those in need.
“The happiness in the kids eyes to go back to school with the new shoes,” adds Belia Ornelas, Owner.
“It makes me feel so good, i mean it brings tears to my eyes to see people were out here by 6:30 in the morning and we didn’t open up until 8:30 and the people were lined up around the building,” declares Ornelas. Residents are grateful for this helpful and kind gesture by Angel Lucy’s funeral home.
“It feels pretty good, its a big help, you know it helps with the budgeting and for the kids to have what they need when they start school,” exclaims Sabina Reyna, Resident.
Ornelas told me they served 700 students! Angela Lucy’s owners want to inspire the next generation to give back to the community, and the students will pick up their shoes on August 18th