Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home gave away 696 pairs of shoes.

We previously reported on Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home measuring children feet to provide them with new shoes in time for school. This weekend, the families received those shoes for their children.

Cesar Ornelas said, “Well the whole reason my mom was a very giving person, she always attended the church she always attended services, and she always gave back to the community. When she passed away we just felt like we had to keep the legacy going for years to come,”.

Ornelas the owner of Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home says, he loves giving back to the community.

“We didn’t have shoes sometimes to go to school clothing was an issue, toys were an issue for us. I didn’t have Christmas until I was 13 years old but I told myself that if I ever got an opportunity where I was doing good, I would give back,” Ornelas.

I spoke with Sunni Edwardson, her family received a pair of shoes for her son who’s going back to school. She mentioned, this event made her really happy because they can’t afford to buy him new shoes.

“They came up and said, thank you very much, and they really appreciated that and the kids weren’t going to have shoes to go to school. So it makes me feel great, and kind of brings tears to my eyes and it brings joy at the same time to see the smile on kids faces,” said Ornelas.

Angel Lucy’s Funeral Home in Victoria gave away 696 pairs of shoes. Ornelas said he couldn’t have done this without his family and staff members.