Andrew Alvarez announces campaign for 27th District seat in Congress

VICTORIA, Texas – Local native Andrew Ruben Alvarez announced his candidacy for District 27 in Congress. Throughout his earlier life Alvarez attended Victoria high school, graduated in 1998 and then enrolled in Victoria college to study music. When he lived in Victoria, he enjoyed attending mass at the Fellowship of the Crossroads Church. Right now Alvarez’s current occupation is to train sales and accounting employees at some auto dealerships around the U.S. In a press release, Alvarez wrote that he “considers himself to be an advocate for the people.” The campaign slogan he’s promoting is “Keep Texas working and our families safe.”

According to Alvarez, “no matter the issue, everything comes back to those two key points.” When asked to describe himself in three words, Alvarez said he’s a worker, likable, and musical.

“I grew up and my dad taught me just to go to work, go to work everyday, and now I teach people to do that. Another characteristic that I would say is that people like me. I can’t think of very many people that I haven’t been able to kick it off with and I love going to church too. That’s another characteristic of mine, I’m a musician. I used to play in the church band whenever I was in town,” he said.

In the past Alvarez has helped others with their campaigns, but this is his first time ever running for a position. Some of the focal points he wants to act on if elected are national security issues and working problems in Victoria. Alvarez said he recalls a great deal of immigration issues when he was younger.

“Also I want to make sure that I can go to work every day. I want to make sure that the people in our district, in our state, and in the country can go to work everyday if they choose to. There are some people that choose to stay home because of their family. They are taking care of their family and that’s okay too, but the land of opportunity we have the opportunities to work if we need to,” he said.