An Independence Day prayer service

A prayer service was held at the DeLeon Plaza

VICTORIA,Texas–All prayer warriors were invited starting from early Saturday morning to late afternoon for a prayer session.

On this Independence Day, Katy Kurth, a mother, wanted to gather the community together and pray for the troubled times that the nation is facing. Within the chaos and the destruction we see today with the nation, she wanted to remind people that God is the strength and comforter.

“We wanted to remind our youth of the liberty that we have the freedom to pray in the open and that we’re all coming together as a community only builds us stronger,” said Kurth.

Kurth wans to build the youth to be more outspoken in their love for Christ, especially her own children. She wants them to be inspired by what she is doing and continue their bond with Christ.

“Hopefully they’ll feel the same confidence to easily reach out to others in prayer and be focused on Christ rather than go astray,” continued Kurth.

They are thinking of having a prayer service more often in the near future, but so far no discussions are made.