An Estimated One Million Dollars in Property Destroyed in Fire

“The fire burnt through the building we had some issue with water we had some concerns of some explosives on site.” Said Ron Pray

It was a fire that lit up the night sky along highway 77 near farm to market road 1685 on Tuesday evening. The building was completely destroyed and fire fighters let the building burn along with everything inside because of a concern of explosives and now county fire is investigating.

“Were having to go in and evaluate what’s left everything has been burned and damaged.” Said Pray

County Fire Marshal Ron Pray says the fire caused an estimated one million dollars in damages and at this point they are not officially ruling anything out.

“Part of our job is to make sure that a crime didn’t occur as the fire marshal’s office that’s our initial job to determine if a crime occurred at the site.” Said Pray

Pray says the property was equipped with surveillance cameras but the server which stores the video was damaged in the fire. We did ask the property owner for comment but they declined. And pray says they will leave no stone unturned in determining a cause.

” Were going to evaluate and process the scene just like any other call that we would get were going to evaluate all the evidence we can find and try to determine what happened on scene.” Said Pray