An educational Winter Wonderland was brought to Liberty Academy

Liberty Academy brought Santa to its Winter Wonderland, and he didn’t come empty-handed. Mr. Claus brought all the children several gifts. The children also played the drums and took a ton of pictures with Santa.

Belinga Lerma, the VISD parent liaison for Special Ed said, “The students that are involved are the students in our early childhood special education classrooms and our life skills classrooms. They are self-contained, our event today is designed for them with movement and century activities.”

This event was designed to help the children learn how to interact in public with their peers.

“This Winter Wonderland I feel is a non-prejudice environment, and they are all accepted by everyone here. So it gives them a chance to enjoy some of the things that they can’t do out in the community,” said, Lerma.

The event put a much-needed smile on several children’s faces. VISD Medicaid Coordinator, Jeanie Borden explained how this made her feel.

“This is some of the best time of the year to see the kids having fun and getting excited and enjoying it”, said Jeanie Borden, VISD Medicaid Coordinator.

Oh, it’s overwhelming it brings tears to my eyes,” said Lerma.

The staff tells us how they were able to afford this Winter Wonderland.

“This entire event was funded with donation dollars from around the community,” said Lerma.