An Educational Program Makes a Stop in Cuero To Talk About Snakes

The Cuero Public Library treated families to an experience learning about various snakes. They got the opportunity to touch a few live snakes. “We have Brazilian Rainbow Boas, two different corn snakes, a ball python, and large Burmese python,” said Clint Putejovsky

Clint the Snake Man puts on educational programs and wanted to show that not all snakes are scary. In fact, there are some snakes that are gentle when you are around them. “The snakes are like dogs that you would scratch their backs and tickle their chins because they are that sweet,” said Clint Putejovksy. Kendal Trevino bravely volunteered to hold the snakes. I even had the opportunity to touch the snakes and put one on my shoulder. ” It is amazing that how the snakes can wrap themselves and I like the way they feel,” said Kendal Trevino.

Trevino would entertain the thought of having a pet snake. However, she will not take a Burmese Python home. “Well it is pretty but it would be a lot to take care of. I would like the small ones,” said Trevino.

Clint the Snake Man warns if you if come across a snake, take two steps back and slowly walk away. Leave the snake alone. Snakes are important because they control the rodent population. “They eat their food whole. There jaws don’t ever separate because they are separated.

Clint the Snake Man also told me the more you know about snakes the less likely you will be scared of them.