An 18-Wheeler Flips Over Causing Downed Power Lines

VICTORIA- Police, AEP and city workers are continuing to clean up the intersection of S. Moody Street and W. River Street Wednesday morning after an 18-wheeler flipped and crashed after 3 a.m.

According to police, the driver of a Lone Star transportation truck was traveling northbound on S. Moody Street when they lost control of the vehicle and ran consecutively into a street light and telephone pole. The crash ultimately caused the 18-wheeler to flip on to the driver’s side on W. River Street.

Police say the driver was transported to a nearby hospital, but is expected to be okay.

The northbound lane on S. Moody Street near W. Water Street is expected to be closed for the morning pending AEP repairs. AEP said approximately 40 homes are without power in the area due to damaged power lines.

W. River street is also part of that closure as city workers continue to monitor the 18-wheeler fuel tanks while tow trucks work to remove the 18-wheeler from the area.


According to authorities on scene, an 18 wheeler was traveling northbound on Moody Street around 3:16 a.m. when it attached to some electrical wires and flipped over.

There has been no reported injuries.

Officials say the intersection of West Water Street and South Moody Street will be closed off this morning.

No word yet on when the intersection will open back up.

We have a reporter on scene to give us more details as they become available.