AMS reports fireball activity across Central Texas skies

AMS received over 200 reports, several videos of the fireball event

AUSTIN, Texas – According to The American Meteor Society (AMS), a fireball streaked across Central Texas Sunday at 10:52 p.m. AMS received more than 200 reports and several videos of the fireball event.

AMS received reports of the fireball seen mostly over Texas, but they also reported people seeing it over Louisiana and Oklahoma. AMS reported the initial computer generated trajectory shows that this fireball entered the atmosphere over Cistern, Texas and ended a few miles West of Austin.

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The American Meteor Society provided the above photo of the fireball that entered the atmosphere late Sunday night and where it has received reports from people who witnessed the event. (Photo contributed by The American Meteor Society)

According to The American Meteor Society, a fireball is a meteor that is larger and brighter than normal. It also reported that most meteors are the size of tiny pebbles, and the size of this fireball was probably the size of a small care prior to entering the atmosphere.

AMS stated fireballs occurs every day over all part of the Earth, and they normally receive approximately 100 reports each day. The next major annual meteor shower is expected on Aug. 12-13 at night when the Perseird meteor shower reaches maximum activity.

The American Meteor Society provided the above information and some photos. The other photos were contributed by viewers in the Crossroads area.