American Heart Association awarded DeTar Hospital for outstanding quality care.

The American Heart Association presented DeTar Hospital with the Guideline Stroke Gold Plus Award.

Larissa De Luna, The American Heart Association Director of Analytics says, “Get With The Guidelines is a quality improvement program ran by the American Heart Association and the goal of, Get With The Guideline is really simple, it’s to make sure all patients get quality care,”.

Larissa De Luna is the Analytics Director for the American Heart Association, she says if you’re going to a hospital that’s running a Get With The Guidelines program then you’re getting the best clinical care possible.

“So hospitals are given awards based on the quality measures that they’ve met based on the type of patients their treating, so heart attack patients or stroke patients. They have to meet a certain thrush hold of treating a certain percentage of patients by those guidelines every time a patient comes in,” said De Luna.

The measures that are built into this program are based on the latest, greatest clinical research from The American Heart Association. One of the recipients who accepted the award explains how she felt about this honor.

“It makes me feel very happy for our hospital also for our region as far as this award it encompasses an entire system of cares,” says Joan Pfister, DeTar Hospital Registered Nurse.

“Awards like this in areas like Victoria are really to be celebrated because they have some challenges with dealing with rural communities and making sure those patients get to hospitals as quickly as possible,” said De Luna.