Amber Sorensen’s father takes the stand to tell the jury what he remembers

The defense attorney Stephen Cihal was cross-examining Texas Ranger Drew Pilkington early Thursday morning.

Ranger Pilkington told authorities at the time of the murder there was no probable cause to arrest Sorensen. Then the prosecuting attorney Steve Tyler asked him, based on the evidence does he still feel that Sorensen shouldn’t be arrested.

Ranger Pilkington said now he believes Sorensen should be arrested, based on her statement.

Sorensen told authorities that Jarrett Parker the victim was standing in the bathroom door, and she tried to shoot at the window behind him. Ranger Pilkington said if that was true how did Parker’s feet get under the bed.

Then Ranger Pilkington went on to mention that he tested Sorensen’s story, and based on the evidence it didn’t match because Parker was shot at a 90-degree angle. Then the state rested.

Next, the defense attorney Stephen Cihal called Robert Durham, Sorensen’s father to the stand. He said, authorities contacted him the following day to bring Sorensen to the police station so that she could give authorities her full statement.

Durham said, while they were there Officer Dubela told him to go to Sorensen’s home and bring him the paint and sponge that was in her restroom.

Durham went on to mention that officer Dubela said, that he couldn’t get those items because he would need a warrant. So Durham went to Sorensen’s home and got the paint and sponge for Officer Dubela.

Once Sorensen was done giving her statement to the police, Durham drove Sorensen back to his home. While they were in the car Sorensen said that the police were wondering why she didn’t have any paint in her hair to match her story.

When Sorensen made it to her father’s home, Durham said he did find paint in Sorensen’s hair, and he took her back to the police station to show them proof.

Now the judge did release the jury around 2 o’clock to lookup charges but the trial will continue at 9 am Monday morning.