Aloe Elementary shows perseverance despite Harvey damage

We are a few weeks from the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey’s landfall along the Texas Coast.
Aloe Elementary received significant damage from the historic storm.
Today, was the start of a new beginning for the school as they hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil the new campus. Newscenter 25 David Gibson attended the event and has our story The damages caused by Hurricane Harvey totaled about 2 million dollars, but as of Monday Aloe Elementary is moving forward “Thank you for coming to our reopening of our fourth grade wing, we are very very excited about it,” says Kristina Hurley, Principal. Aloe Elementary’s whole 4th and 5th grade hallway was devastated by hurricane Harvey.
“It was so much damage they had to completely gut the whole building and so it was just the frame,” says Hurley.
Once faculty and staff surveyed the damage, they had to get right to work to move classrooms and get the school ready for the students.
“We had to move 12 classrooms and figure out how to get all of those rooms into those other wings,” tells Hurley. Principal Hurley says teachers were hosting class outside, and in the library to make sure the students received their education.
Teacher Lovie Sayles-Clark talks about what it was like during that period.
“We worked out of closets, some of us the space was that small because i was back in a whole different place. A lot of the teachers were displaced but we were able to pull together for the children. The scores did go up but it was a lot of work, hard work, and the children and the parents believed it or not pulled together even harder than we did,” explains Lovie Sayles-Clark, Aloe Teacher of the year. After the welcoming speeches faculty and staff walked to the hallway and cut the ribbon. Once the ribbon was cut teachers got to look into the classrooms at all of their new furniture and space.
“Awe you just cant imagine, its amazing because last year it was just the opposite,” exclaims Sayles-Clark. “This year its just awesome and the rooms are beautiful and the teachers are very excited to move back in and we’re ready for school to start,” declares Hurley. Mrs. Lovie Sayles-Clark wants to leave the community with some encouragement as they move forward.
“We all pulled together, it was a family effort. If you know anything about the aloe alligators we are resilient and just like alligators we pulled through. There is nothing that is going to hold us down. We came up and we came up strong,” declares Sayles-Clark. On August 16th there will be sneak peak event where students and parents can see the upgrades to aloe!