Alligator spotted at Seadrift School, animal control called

Seadrift Animal Control were called in after a small alligator was spotted at the Seadrift School campus.

From the Calhoun County ISD Facebook Page:

“This afternoon, at Seadrift School, a small alligator was spotted on campus between the main building and the gymnasium. Students were kept inside, while school staff members relocated the alligator away from the school buildings. The school reported the situation to Animal Control. Animal Control officers responded, checked the rest of the campus, and cleared the campus to return back to normal operations. The Animal Control officers then removed the alligator from the campus per their process.

Calhoun County ISD staff will continue to closely monitor the campus, and as a preventive measure, apply snake repellent as needed.”

Seadrift Animal Control says they have released the alligator into the local bayou.