All students will have to take the STAAR test in person

VICTORIA, Texas- Schools in Texas will not be allowed to complete the test virtually.

Mike Morath the Texas Education Commissioner had a public conversation with Evan Smith the CEO of the Texas Tribune about the Texas Education Agency’s decision to host the standardized STAAR test in person during the pandemic.

Parents wanted to know why the commissioner wouldn’t cancel the STAAR test due to the COVID-19 pandemic, here’s Morath’s response.

“The STAAR test is designed to tell us whether or not kids have learned the grade level of content and skills that we expect they need to know in that subject. That is what the test does no more or no less, that is what the test does. Did you master these context areas and we do this because we know it is extremely important for kids to learn that. If we don’t figure out how to meet our moral commitment to children then they will have a lifetime of lower outcome,” said Mike Morath, Texas Education Commissioner.

It was mentioned during the conversation that Morath received letters from parents asking if their children can opt out of the STAAR test because it will not count this year. He didn’t give an answer on if that’s an option.