All Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers are being recalled

Update 4/12/2019:

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Fisher-Price are recalling all of the company’s models of Rock ‘n Play Sleepers on Friday.

This affects 4.7 million products. Since the release of the sleeper in 2009, over 30 infant deaths have occurred in Rock ‘n Play Sleepers. The deaths happened when the infants rolled over while unrestrained or under other circumstances.

Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the product and contact Fisher-Price for a refund or voucher.

You can reach them online at and click on “Recalls and Safety Alerts” or call toll-free at 866-812-6518 between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday for more information.

Update 4/8/2019:

Consumer Reports wants a popular baby swing taken off the shelves.

The consumer watchdog group says the Fisher-Price ‘Rock ‘n Play infant swing’ is linked to at least 32 deaths.

The swing is designed for babies to sleep on an incline.

The consumer product safety commission issued a warning about the swing last week. It recommends consumers stop using all models of the ‘Rock ‘n Play’ when the child is three months old, or as soon as the baby can roll over.

A general manager at Fisher-Price says the sleeper meets all applicable safety standards.

Original Story 4/5/2019:

Fisher-Price released a consumer warning today about a Fisher-Price product after multiple reports of infant deaths.

The warning is for the Fisher-Price “Rock n’ Play” product.

According to the consumer product safety commission ten infants have died since 2015 after rolling out of the “Rock n’ Play”.

Fisher-Price officials say the reported deaths occurred when infants were older than three months and able to roll from their back to their side or stomach.

The reported deaths also occurred when the three-point harness restraint was not used.

Now, the CPSC and Fisher-Price are warning parents to stop using the “Rock n’ Play” if the child is three months or older, or if the child can roll over.

The warning also reminds parents to take safety precautions for any infant sleep environment by placing infants so they sleep on their backs.

It advises never adding blankets, pillows or stuffed items until a baby is 12 months old, as they can become a suffocation hazard.

All Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Sleepers are being recalled