After three-year hiatus, mariachi group is back in the Crossroads for Valentine’s Day

Former Victoria I.S.D. mariachi director brings back mariachi group after three-year hiatus

VICTORIA, Texas – Mariachi Serpientes de Oro is back in the Crossroads after a three-hiatus.

In 2018, the group decided to take a break after it became difficult to get everyone together, said former Victoria ISD mariachi director Robert Rodriguez.

A house on the corner of Laurent in Victoria sits frozen in time with much history, passion and music.

For  Rodriguez, things haven’t been quite the same.

Despite some of the challenges paved by one of the worst public-health crisis, his perseverance to teach mariachi music to future generations … continues.

“It’s a style of music, the same as jazz  or rhythm in blues or rock n’ roll or country and western, it all has a style and you teach that particular style,” said Rodriguez. “This style comes from Mexico and before that it was Spain — if you know the different styles — it’s all music, some people will ask me funny questions like, ‘well, how do you teach these people?’ and my response is … I teach a symphony person the same way.”

Rodriguez started the mariachi program at VISD back in 2000 and taught for about 15 years.

Raised in the same home where he began embracing mariachi music, there’s still a daily string of music that can be heard within his four walls.

After he retired, he decided to continue teaching private music lessons and continue with his mariachi group performing for several events in the Crossroads.

Now, the retired mariachi director is ready to bring back his group to the Crossroads.

Mariachi Serpientes de Oro.

“We get a lot of calls … I didn’t know if it was the right time or not and I just kept putting it off and finally – about six months ago … I said alright, alright, we will go back.” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is founder of the group. Most of the performers in the mariachi group are former students of Rodriguez.

Now, they are ready to pick up their instruments and serenade throughout the Crossroads once again.

Rodriguez still teaches all the strings which include; guitar, violin and all your wind instruments.

If you would like to book or reach out to Mariachi Serpientes de Oro, you can call 361-578-4478.