After the recent storms experts say getting rid of standing water can help eliminate mosquitoes

VICTORIA, Texas-Immediately following a hurricane and flooding, it’s easy to find standing water that can breed mosquitoes.

“Some of the ways the community can help with this is if you see any standing water, say in a tire or a bucket, a jar outside, make sure that you dump it out. We want to get rid of all the standing water if possible, that way the mosquito doesn’t have a chance to lay the larvae,” said Jason Alfaro, Director of the Victoria Parks and Recreation.

An increase in mosquito populations is expected in the weeks after flooding or a larger amount of rainfall. Some can carry viruses like Malaria, West Nile, and Zika, officials give a few of the best ways to get rid of the standing water.

“One thing you can look at doing or homeowners can look at doing is going to their local hardware store or their local store to pick up mosquito dunks or mosquito pellets. Those are made for standing water so they can use those mosquito dunks if you will, put them into standing water, of course, read the label and that’ll help kill off the larvae in that particular part of the water,” said Alfaro.

The West Nile virus is the most common disease spread by mosquitoes in the United States.

“If everyone takes a little responsibility and is able to remove some of that excess water that just helps tremendously,” said Alfaro.

You can help control mosquitoes in our area by getting rid of standing water.