Accused human smuggling driver set to appear in court Thursday

James Bradley, 60, could face the death penalty if convicted.
According to this arrest affidavit Bradley says he had no clue what was inside the tractor trailer and he was only transporting it.

He says he was not given clear instructions on the delivery and had no time frame or address for the drop off. Special agents interviewed one of the undocumented people who was inside that trailer and according to court documents, the man says he left his home in Mexico to travel to San Antonio.

Once there, the victim was to pay smugglers $5,500.
It was a Walmart employee who alerted authorities of a suspicious truck.

San Antonio city councilman Rey Saldana and he says.. this isn’t new and we must stay vigilant.

“The best advice is the advice we always give which is that if you suspect not only in cases where there are only trailers and people human cargo leaving the trailer but there may be instances where you see individual homes that are packed with human beings that are transported. We’re still finding out Laredo has some safe houses. Before they got here they were there. If you can catch it in the this instances sometimes it embedded. We just need to report suspicious activity like we saw yesterday,” San Antonio city councilman, Rey Saldana said.

Officials expect the death toll to rise as more victims continue treatment in area hospitals. As for the driver of that truck, he is scheduled to be back in court on Thursday.