A year check-in with city manager Jesus Garza

VICTORIA, Texas- Victoria city manager Jesus Garza, completed his first year on the job. He’s optimistic about the changes happening in the city of Victoria, his team, directly responsible for hiring processes, have stayed busy.

“More than half of my executives have turned over within my first year, that presents a challenge, but also an opportunity to bring folks on board that I  have a say on what they focus on. [Hiring] a police chief is the most important appointment for a city manager, without a question,” explains Garza.

Looking back, Garza feels the most impactful changes come from building his team, as well as taking his leadership style to every department within the city.

 “Some may think police has nothing to do with the library, [or this] has nothing to do with maybe the administrative side of HR, or this and that. But at the end of the day, reminding people that we’re all a part of the same team was a priority,” adds Garza.

For the next year, aside from choosing a new police chief, major street renovation projects will take up his to-do list.

“We’ve never done a street assessment to this extent that we’re doing, we’re using data and a scientific approach. There are a lot of streets that are in bad shape, and some that maybe have not received a lot of attention. We want to roll out a plan that is based on data not emotion,” concludes Garza.

Despite the COVID 19 pandemic shifting focus for some time, city manager Jesus Garza is confident those projects will see successful results.