A word from Victoria I.S.D. Superintendent Quintin Shepherd

Closing Thoughts: Remembering our Future

The following is an article provided by Victoria I.S.D. Superintendent Quintin Shepherd:

We are the sum total of the decisions we have made in our past. Some decisions go back to early childhood and some decisions are more recent, but at this precise moment in time, we cannot argue that our personal and collective history has led to the present moment in time. When any of us remember the past, we are all prone to remember decisions that have turned out well for us and some decisions that haven’t turned out so great.We use the phrase “remember the past” and this is something that makes sense to all of us. We can remember our past, we can remember the past of our family,our schools,our town, etc. because it has already happened and something we can all remember.

When we are young, we don’t have much of a past, but we can all remember back to that time when we had an expansive future. The younger the person, the bigger their future, it seems. As a teacher, I cherished conversations with young people because their future seemed certain to them. Ask a youngster what they want to be when they grow up and they are confident in their response. I think they tend to see their future a lot like many of us see our past, as something certain.

To keep my enthusiasm for the future and a focus on the present moment and decisions facing me,it is important to sometimes shift from remembering the past to remembering the future.If we are the sum of the decisions we have made in the past, then we can be assured we will also become the decisions we make right now in the present. We are certain to become the future we envision by the decisions we make today. Remember my future is the phrase I repeated in my head while I was earning my doctorate degree while serving as a high school principal whenever I would think about quitting. I needed to make it certain in my mind,as certain as my past.It is the phrase I would repeat when I didn’t feel like exercising. I have used it countless times in my life as a brain hack to make sure I am making the best personal decisions for myself.Remember our future helps me keep my focus on doing what is best for kids in every decision I make.

Our school board trustees heard a recommendation from the Bond Planning Task Force on Thursday evening at the board meeting. They are being asked to decide about an election order calling for a bond in May by February 9. In the next few weeks, we all want to hear from you. You can find information about the recommendation at www.visd.net and you can watch Task Force videos on our YouTube channel. You can provide feedback, insight, and ask questions via our Thoughtexchange link. You can also read the thoughts, ideas, and questions of others in a process that is fully transparent for everyone in our community. All the feedback will be shared with the Trustees prior to their decision. I will ask that you keep an open mind and an open heart, and I would ask that you remember our future.

By Superintendent Quintin Shepherd of the Victoria I.S.D.