A word from Victoria I.S.D. Superintendent Quintin Shepherd

Closing thoughts: Principal Month

The following is an article provided by Supt. Quintin Shepherd of the Victoria I.S.D.

If you haven’t already heard, October is National Principals Month! We have been celebrating our principals all month in various ways and I hope you have had the opportunity to thank your principal as well. Here is the narrative from the proclamation signed by Governor Abbott on August 16:

“Principals are entrusted with a profound responsibility-the education of Texas’ children. Children are our most precious resource, and our children truly hold the fate of our people in their hands. Indeed, the promise of a brighter tomorrow can be seen most clearly through the eyes of a child. Therefore, a rigorous and well-rounded education is of the utmost importance, for the destiny of our state is inextricably linked to the development of our students. During a student’s formative years, principals play a crucial role in the molding of young minds and, in turn, the shaping of our state’s future. Consummate professionals, principals make an enormous impact on students and teachers alike on a daily basis. The role of principal requires competence and compassion in equal measure, and the task of education demands both an iron will and a
heart of gold.

Without losing sight of the noble mission at hand, principals are called upon to cast a concrete vision for their school and to work tirelessly toward it. Principals share a steadfast desire to make an impact on young people, and they pursue this honorable goal assiduously, in ways seen and unseen. As leaders of their schools, these educators set the academic tone by laying out ambitious goals, enforcing rigorous standards, and implementing policies with wisdom and resolve. Though a principal’s role is no doubt demanding, no school could function without one. If a school is to be productive and orderly, its principal must be an adept communicator, a firm disciplinarian, a savvy analyst, and a judicious policymaker. This vital work cultivates an environment in which students can grow and thrive, and it molds the next generation of leaders as a result. Principals are among the hardest workers in our society, and their work is vital to the stability and security of
our state.

Each year, the month of October is set aside to honor our principals and to recognize the pivotal role they play in the lives of students, families, faculty, and staff. Their inexhaustible devotion helps to secure a better, brighter tomorrow by investing in the children of today. At this time, I encourage all Texans to learn more about the many contributions and accomplishments of elementary, middle, and high school principals across our state. Principals create cultures of excellence wherein students can achieve their full potential, thereby ensuring that Texas’ future will be better and brighter for all.”

Throughout our entire region, we have some of the most caring, competent, and compassionate principals leading our schools. Regardless of which community you live in, I hope you can join me in celebrating these amazing educational leaders!

By Supt. Quintin Shepherd of the Victoria I.S.D.