A word from Superintendent Quintin Shepherd

Closing Thoughts: Halloween safety

The following article is provided by Supt. Quintin Shepherd of the Victoria I.S.D.

Halloween is this week. Trick-or-treating, parties, gatherings, and socializing are traditionally part of the festivities. Like so much else this year, Halloween will be disrupted by the pandemic. This is just an unavoidable fact of our lives. We have worked hard at the Victoria I.S.D. to keep your kids safe, keep our teachers and staff safe, and keep our community safe. As I think about the Halloween weekend coming up, I do worry about close contact and viral spread. I am hopeful none of us will do anything to jeopardize our success as a community at keeping the virus mostly contained and our case counts low. It always takes focused vigilance to keep safety at the forefront of our minds.

I think if I were going to dress up for Halloween this year, there is one costume that immediately comes to mind as appropriate. When it comes to costumes, some like to dress up in costumes of superheroes, aliens, monsters, ghosts, or other make-believe possibilities. All our teachers and students would have every right to dress up as superheroes in my view, but I prefer the costumes that are realistic and attainable. This includes football players, cheerleaders, firefighter, police officer, teacher, doctor, etc.

This year I think I would like to be a waiter. I already have the tuxedo, I would just need some nice white gloves and perhaps a silver tray (to hold the candy, of course!). A waiter is something original, realistic, and attainable. I think this is a job I could do with a bit of practice. This year, there have been a lot of things I have wanted to do and have not. I have wanted to go to baseball games, family outings, trips, social events, etc. I have wanted so badly to meet with my Cabinet and Administrative team in person and have not for seven months. I really wanted to have an opening convocation this year in person, but we did not. I wanted to celebrate graduation in the traditional format, but we did not. Weddings, funerals, and births come to mind. Homecoming, Prom, Banquets, and school celebrations make the list. I miss going out for dinner with my family. I know Thanksgiving and Christmas will be impacted as well. The list seems endless and I have a newfound appreciation for these things I will not take for granted in the remaining days I have left on this planet.

I shared some information this week on social media which bears repeating here. 148 individuals have been quarantined since August 12th due to being in close contact with a COVID positive individual on campus. Of these 148 quarantined, not one person has developed COVID to date. The procedures we have in place to keep everyone COVID-safe are working, and we have evidence.

But I have digressed. This year I am a waiter. I am going to continue to wait for those things I love most because safety is so much more important than my personal desires.As a waiter I will stand patiently, and always ready to serve.Have a safe and Happy Halloween.