A woman is suing the City of Port Lavaca and three police officers after tasing incident in 2018

Attorney says her client still suffers PTSD from the incident.

PORT LAVACA, Texas – On August 27th, 2018, three Port Lavaca Police Officers entered the home of Christina Campos.

Officer Juan Obregon saw two elderly people arguing as he drove by and stopped to check things out. After running a warrant check, the officer found an active warrant for Campos’ father for an invalid driver’s license ticker that he had stopped making payments on.

Officer Obregon called for additional back-up, Officer Kyle Curtis and Officer Jose Pena would arrive to provide assistance.

Mrs. Campos, her father and the officers had a conversation regarding the active arrest warrant and the options that were available to Campos’ father.

Mrs. Campos offered to pay for the whole ticket but her father refused to let her do so and offered to do the three-day jail term. Mrs. Campos would place her hand on her father for reassurance on paying for the ticket.

That’s when the scene took a turn for the worse.

Seemingly out of nowhere and without warning, Officer Pena grabs Mrs. Campos and slammed her onto the living room couch. Mrs. Campos’s head hits a wooden armrest so hard that she nearly loses consciousness.

The house that had Mrs. Campos, her husband, her 14-year-old niece, her 61-year-old father, her step-mother, and three of her seven children (ages one, eight, and fourteen) all erupted in emotion towards the officers.

Mrs. Campos’s niece then began to record on her cellphone.

The video only begins after the body slams and before the tasing.

The video shows when Officer Pena pointed and aimed his taser at a still standing, unarmed Mrs. Campos and shot her in the waist, deploying an electric shock to her body, completely disabling her.

Mrs. Campos’ attorney, Rachel Messer, says her client still has PTSD due to this incident.

“she’s still fighting really hard to overcome what she’s been through, to overcome that emotional trauma that she endured and I’m talking like, locking herself in the house and boarding up the windows, real emotional trauma, real serious trauma, PTSD trauma, it’s awful what she’s been through,” says Messer.

Mrs. Campos’s niece, only 14 years old at the time, was handcuffed and placed in a police car to be later released without arrest.

Messer also says that the officers falsified claims in their reporting of the incident.

“Officer Curtis falsified claims in his reports that he saw Mrs. Campos attack Officer Pena. Officer Obregon falsified claims in his reports that he was the one Mrs. Campos pushed. And Officer Pena falsified claims in his reports that Mrs. Campos pushed officer Obregon, became combative, ignored numerous commands, and continuously resisted arrest before force was used, which is blatantly false on so many levels. Nonetheless, even if Officer Pena believed Mrs. Campos’s attitude or actions to be combative, the force he used against her without warning was extremely unnecessary, shocking, and excessive; and that force, as well as Officer Obregon and Officer Curtis’s failure to intervene and participate in falsified police reports, has had a lasting traumatic effect on her and her family” says Messer.

Port Lavaca Police Chief, Colin Rangnow, says the department has no statement at this time regarding the police officers or the incident.

The City of Port Lavaca, Jose Pena, Juan Obregon, and Kyle Curtis all filed a motion to dismiss the case, but Messer wants to take the case to trial.