A Victoria West student was sent home for wearing a mask that says “Black Lives Matter”

VICTORIA, Texas- Alyssa Carter, a junior at Victoria West High School, says the Assistant Principal gave her an ultimatum to either remove her Black Lives Matter Mask or go home on Wednesday.

“I’ve already worn my mask, I was never told anything. I got like looks but I walked in the office and got a tardy with it. The same thing I did before today, so it was normal for me. I walked in and told her I was here. I went to the nurse and got checked out and everybody was fine. None of them told me anything about my mask and then whenever I got upstairs to turn in my pass to go to class they were like you can’t wear that mask,” said Alyssa Carter, a Junior at Victoria West.

Carter says she was told that her mask is a political statement but to her, it’s only saying that her life matters. She sent photos from today showing a student still at school walking around with his Trump 2020 shirt on and he wasn’t treated the same way.

“I feel upset and I’m not surprised because I’ve been dealing with racial stuff there and so has other people and that’s why this is like the point where I don’t want to go back, because if I’m being targeted like that, just for saying that my life matters what’s the point of going back just to get harassed when I can just stay home and do my work online. That’s what I’m going to do from now on because I don’t feel safe there. I feel like it’s racist here because they don’t treat the other students good,” said Carter.

We reached out to Ashley Scott the V.I.S.D. Executive Director of Communications for a statement. She said, “We value student expression in all forms and want to ensure that all students feel safe and respected, no matter their personal beliefs. The full statement is down below. Click on the image to magnify.