A Victoria native wants local city/county leaders to take more action against game rooms

In May 2021, authorities raided 17 game rooms in Victoria
Will Martin, Victoria Native

Will Martin, Victoria Native



Editor’s note: A portion of the video in this story shows 1905 N. Depot which is now under new operation as a cards and comic shop. ‘It’s over 9000 Comics and Cards’ features a snack bar and a place for people to gather and enjoy comics and cards.

VICTORIA, Texas – Will Martin, a Victoria Native, recently had a meeting with Victoria County Sheriff, Justin Marr, Victoria Police Chief, Robert Arredondo and District Attorney, Constance Filley Johnson about game rooms here in Victoria.

The purpose of the meeting was to find out why these game rooms haven’t been shut down even the owners have been arrested several times.

Last year on May 27, 25 News Now reported authorities raided 27 game rooms across Victoria, Calhoun, Goliad and Karnes.

Martin wants to see city leaders enforce harsher penalties against those involved in these game rooms.

“We would like to see our district attorney because that’s the high law enforcement, we would like to see her do the maximum penalties whenever they bust these game rooms, they’re class misdemeanors so every class A misdemeanor charge, they can get one year in jail and a $4,000 fine, lets quit just giving them a plea deal and letting them out for a $500 dollar fine and a year probation, lets put them in jail, that’s where they belong,” says Martin.

Martin also says these game rooms are dangerous to the community because of frequent armed robberies due to the amount of money held at these locations.

He also says the ball is in the district attorney’s court to enforce these penalties.

We have reached out to the District Attorney’s office for a statement and are waiting to hear back.