A Texas Ranger takes the stand during the Amber Sorensen’s murder trial

The Texas Ranger Drew Pilkington took the stand, and he was questioned for more than four hours by the prosecuting attorney Steve Tyler.

Ranger Pilkington stated that he is trained to analyze bloodstains and the information he gathered shows that Parker was shot at a 90° degree angle.

Ranger Pilkington said he believes that when Parker was killed he was on the right side of the bed doing sit-ups because of how Parker’s feet were underneath the bed.

Then Pilkington said, he thinks Sorensen had the gun placed under the left side of the bed and loaded it while Parker was doing his set-ups. Next, she had to crawl to the middle of the bed because it sits so high, and she shot him.

The defense attorney Stephen Cigal called Fredrick to the stand he is Sorenson’s first cousin, and he testified that on two separate occasions he saw bruises on Sorenson’s arms.

The first time Fredrick saw them the family was together at their grandmother’s party and her shirt flew up, and he saw the bruise.

He went on to mention that it was on Sorensen’s bicep and it was about the size of the palm of a hand. As soon as Fredrick saw it he asked her about it, and she said it was from working out.

The next time he saw a bruise on her arm was at their family Christmas party, Fredrick asked Sorensen again what happened, and she said it was from working out. When Fredrick saw the bruises on Sorensen’s arms during several occasions, he mentioned that he didn’t think she was getting abused.

The trial is scheduled to continue on Friday morning at 9 A.M.