A shooting occurred in Vanderbilt that left one person in the hospital and another one in custody

Investigation is ongoing by Jackson County law enforcement

VANDERBILT, Texas—A resident in Vanderbilt was involved in an altercation Wednesday morning that led to a shooting.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office received a call around 8 a.m. letting them know that a shooting occurred at a property located on Lavaca and 8th Street in Vanderbilt.

“We had an altercation here between the owner or occupant of this home. The gentlemen who came appeared to pick up some type of property here and they just had some type of dispute and resulted in one gunshot wound. We have one in custody and one victim at this point,” said A.J. Louderback, the Jackson County Sheriff.

The victim was transported to the hospital, and their condition is unknown.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating what caused the shooting and will provide more details once the investigation is complete.