A new pediatric opens in Victoria, Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail tours and more

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Haunted Lavaca Jail

Haunted Old Lavaca County Jail

VICTORIA, Texas -Can you believe the holidays are here? It came by so fast.

Hallettsville Festival of Lights will be a two-day event. 

Hallettsville’s 25th Annual Festival of Lights will be a two-day event that you cannot miss. Both Board of Directors Michelle Lanni and Jenny Koerth said it’s an event where everyone and anyone can participate in. From wine vendors to a Santa’s kiddie parade, you name it, they have it. If you would like to participate in the lighted parade or get more information, you can call 361-772-0540. The festival begins Saturday, Nov. 27 and wraps up on Sunday, Nov. 28.

Still looking for work? The Golden Crescent Workforce has programs. 

Many businesses are having a difficult time getting people to fill positions. People are also in a struggle to find a job. The Golden Crescent Workforce has several resources available to help those looking for a job get back on track. Kissha Gautier and Cindy Torres with the workforce shared some of the resources available to adults, dislocated workers, young adults (16 to 24) and more. It needs to be determined if an individual fits the criteria to qualify. This is not a lending agency. The Golden Crescent Workforce provides their services for residents in Victoria, Goliad, Calhoun, DeWitt, Lavaca, Gonzales and Jackson counties. Give them a call at 361-578-0341 for more information.

A new pediatric office opens up in Victoria. 

Almouie Pediatrics just opened up in Victoria. They will have their location split in one to serve those who are ill and those who are not. The office will also be offering COVID-19 vaccines to ages 12 and older. According to the CDC, more people are getting the COVID-19 vaccine a day. The FDA is considering a request from Pfizer to authorize its vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. Give them a ring at 361-579-2099.

Haunted Lavaca Old County Jail open for tours and investigators. 

Right in time for the spooky month. The jail was built in 1885. The building served as the Lavaca County Jail until 2005 making it the second longest continuously operating jail until 2005. The jail is located in historic Hallettsville. The jail sat vacant for about 10 years before being bought by Rita Inc. The intention is to the restore building and create a museum available to the public. Property Managers Lisa Franks and Debra Fawcett both share their interest in restoring the jail. “This location is certain to make the hair on your arms and neck stand up. Our investigators are never disappointed,” said Fawcett. The jail is open for tours and investigations. Give them a call at 713-805-7428.

Victoria Animal Control pushes for Voucher Program and adoptions. 

With more than 13 years of experience, Scott Buchanan has a passion for animals. There’s still a push for eligible residents to get in the Voucher Program. It’s a way to get free spay and neuter for your fur baby. In order to qualify, you must show proof of an award letter and must be receiving benefits already. Give Victoria Animal Control a call for more information at 361-578-3564. We also had a special guest looking for a forever home. Trixie, a medium Terrier who is just 4 years old and waiting to be loved. Amazing with kids and great personality. Keep in mind, by the time the show airs or you read this article, she may have a home already. Call in advance at the same number provided. Below is a picture of Trixie.


Credit: Victoria Animal Control

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